• The machine concept of Mattec portal milling machines
  • The machine concept of Mattec portal milling machines
  • The machine concept of Mattec portal milling machines
  • The machine concept of Mattec portal milling machines

Portal milling machines

Portal milling machines for 5-sided machining of large parts, configurable to suit requirements

Mattec portal milling machines are characterized by a modular construction.

You receive the advantage of an individual configuration, adjusted to your needs and requirements on site. Maximum flexibility is achieved in terms of installation size and available equipment. The result is a Mattec portal milling machine that can be integrated into almost any production.

In Mattec portal milling machines, the gantry clearance is the machining width. Therefore, even workpieces with a maximum width can still be processed laterally. A compound slide in the Z-axis allows the processing of high workpieces because the milling head can traverse above the bottom edge of the Z-axis guidance.

Portal milling machines of the Mattec brand stand for superior stability and quality. Any geometric inaccuracies are not compensated by the control system. Instead, the focus is on solid construction with mechanical adjustment options to set, for example, the rotation of the transverse axis.

Due to the preloaded rack and pinion drive in the in der X-axis, direct position sensors are no longer necessary because the backlash-free drive ensures a repetition accuracy of +/- 0,010 via the measuring sensor in the drive motor. Optionally, direct measuring systems can also be installed.

Digital AC-servo drives facilitate rapid traverse rates of up to 30 m/min.

Roller guides are used for the guidance of the axes.

Depending on the axis and the length of the travel range, backlash-free adjusted, helical-cut rack and pinion drives or ball screws with backlash-free adjusted and prestressed nuts are used for transmission.

Mattec portal milling machines are equipped with a central lubrication for guides, screw drives and racks.

Product line Mattec

Machine design

  • Fixed machine table with mobile gantry in X-direction
  • Closed mounting surface with t-slots
  • Automatic chip disposal via integrated chip transfer device
  • Traveling control platform with integrated control panel
  • Control cabinet installed on the machine gantry

Possible travel ranges

X = 5.000 – 80.000 mm
Y = 1.000 – 5.000 mm
Z = 1.000 – 1.600 mm

Rapid traverses

X- and Y-axis = 25 m/min.
Z-axis = 20 m/min.


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